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“3 Generations Of Indulging You In Your Sweet Tooth”

For a Tasty, Flavorsome and authentic sweets and savories of Srivilliputhur, Puliyamarathadi Palkova’ is the right destination. We work with passion to craft authentic sweets and savories that has exemplary taste and nutrients. From Milk kova, Kaju sweets to pure ghee delicacies and savories every morsel is prepared to deliver joy to our customers Every day.

Our Legacy of Puliyamarathadi Palkova

This Delicious Journey started at “Puliyamarathadi Palkova“ - Packiya Lakshmi Lala Sweets, Srivilliputhur, Tamilnadu India by Mr. K.Krishna Singh in 1963.

We are nearly a 6 Decade family firm in the business of Sweets and Savories for three generations founded by Mr. K.Krishna Singh. The business has grown over the decades with firm guidance of our founder. Presently the family firm is partnered by his sons Mr. Madan Singh & Mr. Murugan Singh. The 3rd generation - Mr. K.Krishna Singh’s grandsons are actively into the administration of “Puliyamarathadi Palkova“ taking business to new heights.

Ancestors of Mr.K.Krishna Singh were Rajputs. They were cavalrymen then at kingdom Sokkampatti. Mr. K.Krishna Singh is the first of the generation to introduce Pal Kova and Milk Halwa in Srivilliputtur. Mr. K.Krishna Singh’s – Puliyamarathadi Palkova is a household name of Srivilliputhur people. Our Palkova stands out for its taste in the sea of Palkova makers. We follow directions and ideals of our founder to maintain taste and quality

The legendary- ‘Puliyamarathadi Palkova’ was the first shop to come by near the local puliyamaram (tamarind tree). The tamarind tree was in fact planted by our founder Mr. K.Krishna Singh.

We are the first and authentic Pulimarathadi Palgova shop in Srivilliputhur.

Local Flavor made with Love

Though Palkova or Milk Kova is our signature sweet, we are widely known for our delectable sweets and savories varieties of India.

Using a recipe perfected over years by our family, we choose only the natural ingredients to prepare our delicacies. At “Puliyamarathadi Palkova“ all sweets and savories are prepared with unique natural ingredients with passion and packed with local flavor. Our ingredients are rich in nutrition perfect for brain, energy and good moods boosters!

Quality and Taste

We never compromise on quality and taste. We never go for cheap ingredients for our products. For us Customers always comes first

We believe everything tastes better when it’s shared! Double your joy by sharing. We would be happy welcome our customers to visit our outlet any time during business hours!. Surprise someone with a brain, energy and mood boosting treat of sweets and savories of Puliyamarathadi Palkova Today!

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